can destroy these...

and HAARP, and Chemtrails, and all their alien tech being used against us!

This is why we WAR AGAINST THEM with Yah's Aether Orgone Energy...we can close down their portals, melt and crash their ships, melt their androids...

We need HELP!




They are taking over our World...Help us Stop them!


You've probably already seen the infamous melt downs of Al Roker, Judge Judy and others on live TV...we can accomplish this more folks! They had to ground an entire new tech fleet of USAF fighter jets because the alien tech used in them was melting in the orgone saturated air! Look up in the skies at night how many yellow, orange and red star ships being melted and on fire do you see? Why is it people continue to hate me instead of support our war?



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If you're not helping to fight against them, then you're part of the problem...Wake up!