Is Praying Enough?
by Sherry Shriner

     Spiritual Warfare cannot be fought without prayer. The Lord has armed us with His weapons of warfare to fight against all the tactics and strategies of the devil.

     But what happens when man attacks us? Is prayer enough then? Intimidation, harassment, persecution has always been tools of the devil to use against God's believers. And in these last days we've seen high tech weapons formed and prospering against God's believers. But doesn't the Bible say no weapon formed against us shall prosper? Taken in a spiritual sense that's exactly what it means. But in a physical sense, there's many of us daily suffering from ELF and other types of high tech weapon attacks. The Lord has been stopping them for me for years until He showed me a way I could prevent them from happening to begin with.

     For those who have suffered the effects of ELF attacks you know how painful it is, but the fact is by the time you're praying for God to stop the attack you're already in a lot of discomfort or pain. Now we can prevent them from happening to begin with! The Lord has shown me that orgone will keep these attacks from happening.

     Orgone is a natural healer and there's various links on this site (http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com)  where you can read about the work Wilheim Reich did with it. But it's not only just a natural healer, it also serves as a repellent to sickness and negative energy.

     And since Satan is the king of evil and negative energy his attacks via the spiritual and physical realm are stopped and defeated by the positive energy orgone creates.

     Positive energy..negative energy..sounds like new age talk until you realize Jesus spoke about the very same things every time He spoke of His people being the light of the world (positive energy) and Satan being the darkness (negative energy). I also talk about it in my article on sin at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sin.htm  

     For those of you who understand the power of anointing your home and repelling demons from entering into it, Orgone works the same way and produces the same effect effortlessly. Of course it doesn't replace an anointing of your home but it is a wise secondary tool to have in it. It works as a repellant to negative energy therefore keeping it out of your home, yard, and it will work against the negative energy spewing from towers and transform it into positive energy thereby nullifying the affects of these towers against you.

     Protect your home from being saturated from unwanted subtle mind control messaging from the towers, protect your home from demons or aliens walking in your yard at night, or from even getting into your house at night. Protect your home from invasive remote viewers sent to harm you or spy on you. Protect yourself from ELF, EMP and other types of attacks..and all from a simple natural earth product called Orgone. And once you see the power of it in your home, gift your community with it by placing it around town in obscure places, best if buried, but if not possible throw one in a ditch where it can be naturally buried by mud and water, or place it someplace obscure where it won't be found. You can protect your entire community from the harmful effects of the towers and we're finding (those actively gifting (placing TB's) in areas) that these little Orgone creations are nullifying chemtrails as well.

     The poisons in chemtrails are making millions of people sick a year and causing the rise of cancers and diseases among our populations. And these chemtrails are worldwide and no one is stopping them because they're part of the NWO agenda to depopulate the earth. Stop being a victim to all this madness and do something about it!!

     The Lord has shown us what to use to defeat the tactics of the NWO and the devil and is raising an army one person at a time who will help themselves and then their communities. Many brethren are already involved, join us and do your part in slowing down and eliminating the harmful effects of towers and chemtrails in your own area. Think of the lives you are saving from sickness, disease, mind control, and high tech weapon attacks. Get involved. Do something to help tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and the devil.